About Create

Create provides quality catering for events of all shapes and sizes.

Our unique approach

We call ourselves a ‘for more than profit’ company. First and foremost we provide gorgeous food and superb service. We’re a professional, highly regarded food specialist with a brilliant chef and a talented team of trained professionals.

But Create is an award-winning social enterprise too. We develop innovative training and create jobs for people who have been homeless, marginalised or vulnerable. We offer a future to people who want a hand up, not a handout. Every penny we make goes into training opportunities, work experience and jobs that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Create’s dedication and innovative approach make a real difference… they are a proud example of the Big Society I want to see across the UK.

David Cameron, Prime Minister

When you eat at Create, you get quality food prepared by a dedicated team of trained professionals. You also get that fuzzy feeling in your stomach from knowing that you’ve helped change lives and build a community.

Get in touch

If you’d like to know more about Create and what we do, you can get in touch through our contact form. You can also find out more about our food, view our menu and price list (PDF 5.5MB), request a quote, or go straight to our online form and place your order.

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Latest news

Create and the future

23rd March 2013

Social Enterprise Create, today announced that it has found a backer to support it through its period of restructuring. Ged Syddall, who has been a Non-Executive Director at Create for over a year and has already invested in the enterprise, has now agreed to take full control of the operation to help develop its business into the future.

Restaurant to be refurbished for more training

8th February 2013

Create started six years ago, training people from vulnerable backgrounds, helping them find a path back into work and in the process to get their lives back.

UK’s best ethical restaurant

21st October 2012

Create today are celebrating winning the Observer Food Monthly Ethical Restaurant of the Year Award. For the people at Create it seems a long way from the back kitchen of a night shelter five years ago, but the passion that sparked that journey still burns as bright today.